Maddox transformers are designed, built, and tested in accordance with the highest industry standards, including NEMA, ANSI C.57, DOE, and IEEE, as applicable.

Oil Filled


image of a Maddox substation transformer

Heavy-duty units built for demanding applications in non-public areas.


Medium voltage Dry-type

Maddox medium voltage dry type electrical transformer

Dry-type transformers for medium voltage power distribution where liquid-cooling is not an option.

Oil Filled


Green liquid filled padmounted transformer

Tamper-proof transformers designed for pedestrian-accessible areas.


Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Metal-enclosed switchgear unit with doors closed

Load-interrupter switches for a range of applications.


Pad-mounted Switchgear

Multibay Maddox padmounted switchgear

Multi-bay switchgear for outdoor, publicly accessible installations.


Low voltage Dry-type

image of a low-voltage Maddox transformer

General purpose units built for <600V applications.


picture of a grey transformer on wooden skids
Rent a Transformer

Need temporary power? Maddox Transformer's liquid-filled rental unit substation transformers are the perfect fit for your temporary power needs!

Transformer Rentals

Transformer Repair

Our highly skilled team is outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art test and fabrication equipment, to inspect, test, and repair your transformer to ensure that it is in top working condition.

Transformer Repair
picture of a Maddox technician welding a transformer
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