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Maddox rental transformer


Whether you're setting up a job site or need a unit while your primary one is in the shop, we have thousands of rental transformers on hand to get your temporary project online.

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Standard Features

  • Multi-Voltage tap selector (voltages listed below)
  • Externally operated delta-wye switch
  • Heavy Duty high-grade silicone-steel core
  • Reinforced shock-resistant windings
  • Non-PCB insulating fluid
  • Forklift pockets
  • And more! Contact us for full tech specs

High Voltage Ratings

  • 2400 Delta
  • 8320 Delta
  • 7970 Delta
  • 7200 Delta
  • 6928 Delta
  • 4160 GRDY/ 2400
  • 14400 GRDY/ 8320
  • 13800 GRDY/ 7970
  • 13200 GRDY/ 7620
  • 12470 GRDY/ 7200
  • 12000 GRDY/ 6928

Low Voltage Ratings

  • 480 Y/ 277
  • 600 Y/ 346


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