Maddox switchgear comes in pad-mounted and metal-enclosed configurations for your padmount or unit substation transformer.

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One padmounted switchgear unit and two metal-enclosed switchgear units


Green Pad-mounted switchgear with door open


  • 15 kV double-door design
  • Up to 4 bays
  • Multiple switch and fuse configurations available
  • UL listed
  • Meets or exceeds IEEE C37.74
  • Munsell Green hi-gloss finish suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Ideal for publicly accessible outdoor installations
    • Low-profile
    • Tamper-proof
    • Lockable

Standard specs

  • Nominal: 14.4 kV
  • Maximum design: 15.5 kV
  • BIL: 95 kV
  • Main bus continuous: 600 amps
  • Load interuppting: 600 amps
  • Short-circuit RMS symmetrical: 25 kA
  • ​3-time duty cycle fault closing RMS asymmetrical: 40 kA
  • ​Frequency: 60 hertz
  • Maximum altitude: 3300 feet
  • Fuse unit: type DBU, 15 kV, standard speed (E)

Optional upgrades

  • Live-front designs
  • 6 compartment option (up to 5 switch and 5 fuse arrangements)
  • 25 kV designs
  • DBU fuse speed variations: slow "E" and "K"


Maddox metal-enclosed switchgear with door open


  • 5/15 kV
  • General purpose switches
  • Current-limiting clip-lock fusing options (up to 600E for 5 kV applications and up to 300E for 15 kV applications)
  • Optional close-couple kit
  • UL listed and CSA approved
  • Meets or exceeds IEEE C37.20.3
  • 11-gauge steel construction
  • ANSI 61 gray powder coating for a durable, lasting finish

Standard specs

  • Maximum rated voltage: 15 kV
  • Main bus continuous: 600 Amps
  • Fault close asymmetrical: 40 kA
  • Momentary switch closed asymmetrical: 40 kA
  • 2 second short-time Current RMS symmetrical: 25 kA
  • BIL: 95 kV
  • Space heater circuit w/ thermostat (requires 120 VAC external power source)
  • Provision for kirk key interlock
  • Mechanism and contacts: copper-silver plated
  • Frequency: 60 hertz
  • Maximum altitude: 3300 feet
  • Line terminals: ANSI segment 3
  • Load terminals: ANSI segment 1
  • Enclosure: NEMA 3R, outdoor/indoor

Optional upgrades

  • 27 kV designs
  • Dry-contact kit (2 normally open, 2 normally closed)
  • Customer metering
  • ​Multi-bay lineups
  • ​Surge arresters
  • ​Convenience light
  • ​Space heater switch
  • ​Duplex receptacle
  • ​Run back bus

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